Domain 3 Selection

Domain 3 – Communication Skills

Domain 3 includes skills such as identifying communication strategies, employing principles of risk communication and disseminating messages to internal and external audiences.

Foundational - Individuals with these skills are those who are completing academic programs or are early in their public health career still gaining training or applied experience on the job. These individuals require supervision when performing most tasks.

Intermediate - Individuals with these skills are those who administer epidemiology programs and projects often independently. These individuals may require supervision while managing larger or more complex programs or projects and other tasks.

Practiced - Individuals with these skills are those with subject matter expertise or who manage epidemiology programs and resources which may include finances and personnel. These individuals perform their job duties independently and may supervise others on a project basis or all the time.

Advanced - Individuals with these skills are those who typically hold senior positions within organizations, demonstrate leadership, and are visionaries. These individuals require no supervision for their job duties but may supervise and mentor others.

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Please select the tier that best represents your skillset for Domain 3.(Required)