Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I view the full competency set?

The full competency set can be found on our webpage HERE.


How do I complete the self-assessment or supervisor assessment?

Full instructions for completing the assessments can be found HERE. Instructions are also included at the start of each assessment and throughout the tool.


How do I determine which tier of epidemiologist to choose?

We recommend reviewing the tier descriptions to understand what level best aligns with your knowledge, skills and abilities. Still unsure? Review the sub-competencies for the tiers in each domain to find the best alignment. As the tiers progress, epidemiologists are expected to need less supervision when performing tasks and managing others.


What if I have different skill levels in different domains?

At the start of each domain, you will have an opportunity to choose your tier level. This allows you to be ‘Advanced’ in one domain while perhaps ‘Intermediate’ in another.


How will I receive my score report?

You will receive a report of your scores via email after you complete all 7 domains.


Can I start the assessment and return later?

Because we don’t require an account, the assessment must be completed in one sitting to ensure none of your responses are lost.


How many times can I take the assessment?

As many times as you’d like! There are no restrictions on the number of times an individual user takes the assessment. We recommend taking the assessment and measuring your skills at least annually.

How should I choose a tier if I have a variety of skills within a domain?

We recommend choosing the tier that most closely aligns with your skillset.


Who do I contact with questions or for technical assistance?

Please reach out to with any questions. 

I would like my staff to take the self-evaluation to help inform professional development priorities. How do I obtain our department’s data?

Health departments are welcome to have staff members take the assessment and then request organizational-wide data to help inform workforce priorities. Data for the department will be drawn based on organizational email addresses and permissions provided by participants. Please request data by emailing We recommend submitting a request prior to having staff take the assessment.

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