Applied epidemiology competencies Toolkit 

CSTE developed a comprehensive set of toolkit materials to support the implementation of the AECs in your jurisdiction. Explore the resources below!

job descriptions 

A step-by-step guide on creating a competency-based job description that will attract the right candidate for the role.

Interview Question

Comprehensive guide focused on hosting equitable interviews with tier-based questions that help you best understand the knowledge, skills and abilities of your candidate.

Career Portfolio

Instructional worksheet focused on helping you map out your current career achievements and your goals for the future.

Training Plan

Detailed instructions and fillable PDF that allow you to map out your training goals and your pathway for achieving them.

Crosswalk with CEPH accreditation standard

Interested in incorporating the AECs into your epidemiology curriculum? Start here

    Courses On Learn

    Introduction to the Applied Epidemiology Competencies (AECs)

    • This training is intended to provide learners with an introduction to CSTE’s Applied Epidemiology Competencies (AECs) and describe how epidemiologists have used them in their health departments. Topics include why the 2008 AECs were developed, how they were updated in 2023, how to conduct a stakeholder analysis to incorporate the AECs into your organization, and how the AECs can be used to support health departments and other organizations. This training is intended for all epidemiologists. 

    Using the Applied Epidemiology Competencies (AECs) for the Recruitment and Retention of Epidemiologists

    • This training is intended to provide learners with several ways that they can utilize CSTE’s Applied Epidemiology Competencies (AECs) for the recruitment and retention of epidemiologists and/or their own professional development. Topics include how to create competency-based job descriptions and interview questions, how to identify necessary additional skills and develop a training plan to acquire them, how to develop career advancement portfolios, and how to use the AECs toolkit materials to accomplish these goals. 

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